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This review is long overdue!

I relocated to Las Vegas for a couple of months for a temp job, and didn't have time to get my hair cut and colored before I left Austin.  So I got on trusty ol' Yelp! and did a search for the hair product that I like, and lo and behold, Joni's profile came up.  She even had a discount deal available, which I purchased through Yelp!. 

She was able to fit me in right away, which was obviously very awesome and convenient.  I have had a lot of issues getting hairstylists to color my hair the way I want them to.  Either they go too dark, or my hair turns red.  There's just something about my hair that pulls red.  When I try to explain this, it seems they don't really listen.  I knew Joni was going to be awesome when the first thing she asked me was, "So, do you know your formula?"  YES!  Awesome.  And I told her exactly what it was, and guess what?  She listened!  When we got to talking and I told her a little more about my problem, about how my hair pulls red, she was very familiar with the issue.  In order to get my hair the soft brown with caramel highlights, you have to add a bit of Ash Green.  Most stylists for some reason just WILL NOT believe me.  But Joni is a pro.  Not only did she listen, but she said we could also add a little blue to tame the red, and since she really seemed like she knew what she was talking about, I let her... and guess what?  My hair came out better than it had in a really long time.  Joni is awesome.  She knows what she is talking about, and I'm kinda sad I don't live in Vegas because she would definitely be my regular hairstylist.  Hell, I may just fly out to Vegas every 2 months just to get my hair did. ;-)  She really is a color specialist.

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I moved from New York City to Bullhead City, AZ in 2002.
For 15 years, I had been accustomed to frequenting some of the best colorists available in Manhattan.  My first touch up by a colorist in Bullhead City was a disaster.   I found Joni Rankin - Color Specialist in the Las Vegas yellow pages.  Joni corrected the color and I have been driving over 100 miles every 8 weeks to have Joni maintain my hair color ever since.  The most amazing thing is that Joni highlights only the roots of the previously highlighted strands.  The color remains in perfect balance as opposed to becoming lighter and lighter over time.
I have never encountered any colorist able to do this in all of my years as a patron of some of the best salons in NYC.

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Best haircuts and color I've ever had. I love getting compliments & having people ask where I get my hair done!

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10/13/2011 1 Check-in Here

Joni is awesome. I needed a quick haircut once again, and it's tough since I don't know to many people out here in Vegas to cut my hair. I've tried 3 places, and all 3 have messed my hair up. I just need a straight-forward trim and clean up. My hair is thick and rich, for some reason it gives people a hard time. Any who, I walked-in to Sola Salons, not knowing that there were several studios to choose from in which probably most of them were closed. It's  just not a salon, with a receptionist in front...every stylist has there own little spot they cut out of, pretty neat.
Luckily Joni had time before her next appt. so she was able to get me in. She was very nice, good person to chat with, from town so filled me in with the 411 of the surrounding area. She did a nice job, didn't butcher my hair, and price was affordable. She will be the 1st of all the stylist I've tried since moving out here from Chicago that I will go back to.